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Tagyourlife: how and when was this idea born?

Tagyourlife was born in September 2012 and, as often happens, the idea has come out by a very common episode of everyday life: how many times have you unconsciously tagged people around you? How many times have you stored their phone number in your phone book linking them to a moment lived together or to a passion you both share, rather than writing his/her name and surname? Tagyourlife follows just this unconscious instinct, because it allows you to tag people on the strength of the interests you have in common and to create connections thanks to themselves. Just from this "intuition" the name Tag / Your / Life.

So, Tagyourlife is a new free social network with a different aim from the other social platforms because it helps you creating connections online thanks to your shared interests.

But, what does interest mean? Literally: “Particular attention towards somebody or something – in the plural form -  things, issues you are fond of: a person or a thing ability to attract.

So, in Tagyourlife you do not make friends nor you meet again old friends, you create new connections thanks to interests you have in common. Every new connection of yours will help you to enrich your competences and your experiences on everything you like and that you are really interested in. So, every conversation will be constructive and enriching for you.

Thanks to Tagyourlife, you’ll not need to consult forums, blogs or search for information on the net every time you’ll need suggestions or details about something you’re interested in anymore, you’ll have only to ask directly to our Gurus!

But, who are Gurus?

Thanks to Tagyourlife and to its introduction of the feature interest, new figures come out, people who will become reference points not only for other users, but also for enterprises which will consider them as a consumer prototype: Gurus. Gurus are “experts in that field”, people fond of a specific interest who put their experience at other users disposal, giving them fast answers without asking anything in return. Becoming a Guru for an interest is very simple: you have only to create connections for that same interest and get positive feedbacks about it by other users. Becoming a Guru will allow you to give more value to the feedbacks you leave.

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