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Tagyourlife is a new social network giving attention to your interests!

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Don’t waste time, enjoy now Tagyourlife free download and get in contact with people who have your same interests and hobbies!


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What are your real Interests?

Get Tagyourlife free download, create your profile and reveal us what you are really interested in. Tell us your hobbies and your attitudes and help us discover who you are thanks to posts, pictures, surveys and questions you share. It will not be necessary to make your personal data public, such as name, surname, age or gender, unless you want it!

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What about finding new interesting connections?

After completing your profile, start searching for people who share with you your same interests and passions! Users who will accept to become a friend of yours thanks to an interest you have in common will see only your news about that specific interest! There will not be friend lists or customized posts, your interests will be your only way of selection!

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And now, do we chat?

Take delight in talking with people who have really something in common with you, get your satisfaction from a conversation with an ideal anonymous friend. In Tagyourlife your connections can increase your passions and your interests… don’t lose this opportunity!

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