FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) have been studied in order to offer all Tagyourlife’s members a better understanding of our platform.
Choosing the questions, our team wanted to feel as our users and to understand which are the queries (also those which seem the simplest ones) that a user can make before registering to a new social network or when he has already registered and he’s starting to use it.
So, our aim is to give you some guidelines that can allow you not to lose yourself when you’re a beginner in Tagyourlife and we hope we have written at least the most of the questions you could make to yourself or make us.
Anyway, if you have any other doubts you can’t solve here or in any other part of our website, please contact us to our e-mail address info@tagyourlife.com. We will answer you as soon as possible and thanks for your interest!

1. Why could I need Tagyourlife?

Very simple: Tagyourlife helps you creating new connections on the strength of your own interests, that you can develop just thanks to them. Thanks to our mobile app you will be able to have interesting conversations and discussions with people all over the world! So, using Tagyourlife you will increase your interests and chat with “new friends” about what you really like!

2. Who are Gurus ?

Gurus are “experts in that field”, people fond of a specific interest who put their experience at other users disposal, giving them fast answers without asking anything in return. Becoming a Guru for an interest is very simple: you have only to create connections for that same interest and get positive feedbacks about it by other users. Becoming a Guru will allow you to give more value to the feedbacks you leave.

3. What are Feedbacks ?

Feedbacks are positive or negative evaluations that you can leave to another user or to a Guru in regards to what he shares online or to his interests. Feedbacks, left in high quantity and of very positive evaluation, also constitute the main feature allowing Gurus to become who they are!

4. How can I change my log in password?

If you have logged out from your account and you don’t remember your password, you can ask for another one clicking on the link Did you forget your password? on Tagyourlife log in page. We will send you an e-mail with a link to change it and to choose another one.
If, on the contrary, you have logged in and you simply want to change it, you have only to visit the area Password in the settings of your account. There you can write your actual password, choose another one and save your changes.
Anyway, Tagyourlife wants to give you some advices we suggest you to follow when you choose or change your log in password:
• Try to choose a different password from the one you use for other services
• Make sure you choose a safe and sufficiently long password: to do this, match letters to numbers. And to make it more difficult, use both capital and standard characters and use also some punctuations.
• Avoid the use of words you find in dictionaries.

5. Can I use freely Tagyourlife or I have to pay?

Tagyourlife is a completely free app. Messages and calls by Tagyourlife among members of this social network, too. The only costs you’ll have will be established by your telephone line manager because, as all the other apps for smartphones and other mobile devices, Tagyourlife needs 3G connection, too, in order to offer you its services.
So, using Tagyourlife you will use the 3G connection of your device and the costs you will have will be decided directly by the telephone line manager you have chosen.

6. Which platforms support Tagyourlife?

Tagyourlife is completely available for almost all the Android, Ios, Blackberry, Windows (mobile and computer), Nokia and Bada devices and operating systems. And also for Mac ones.

7. How can I register and how much does it take me?

First of all, you can download Tagyourlife app in different ways: by computer or Android and iOS devices and then you can start to register to our social network.
Registration will take only few minutes, you’ll have only to tell us your e-mail address and some personal data. It will take you no more than a few seconds!

8. Can I invite my friends to Tagyourlife?

Of course you can! And the more friends you’ll invite, the more people you will have to chat with and to talk about your interests! So, more messages and free calls also towards them! ;)

9. I haven’t got 3G, can I use Tagyourlife?

Unfortunately, Tagyourlife needs necessarily internet connection. If you haven’t got 3G on your smartphone or tablet, you can search for a free wi-fi connection and then use our app!

10. Can I use Tagyourlife all over the world?

Obviously! It doesn’t matter where you and your connections are, you can also be in two opposite countries and you can talk as much as you want! Make only sure you both have downloaded Tagyourlife app and that you have registered. And don’t forget to control the internet roaming costs of your telephone line manager! ;)

11. Does Tagyourlife include ads?

Yes, Tagyourlife offers you the possibility to post ads of different types on our social network, both for your business and for your professional figure.

12. How can other people find me in Tagyourlife?

Every user can search for you in Tagyourlife if he knows some of your information, such as nickname or e-mail address, simply writing them in our search bar. Anyway, Tagyourlife can also suggest your profile to other users using an interest you have in common. Obviously, you will decide (and only you) if you want to confirm the connection request received by another user and so give him the possibility to see the contents you share about that same interest.

13. Am I obliged to make my personal data public?

No: nobody forces you to make your personal data public, such as name, surname, date of birth and ecc. The only public elements about your profile will be your image and your username.

14. Who can see what I share?

All your posts can be visible only by your connections. Every time you share a content tagging an interest with the hashtag #, this content will be visible only by the connections you made for that interest. So, any contents you’ve shared will be never visible to all of your connections.
On the contrary, all the other users you didn’t connect with or not members of Tagyourlife will have the possibility to see only your profile image and your username.

15. Can I deactivate my account if I don't want to use Tagyourlife anymore?

You can deactivate or remove your account when you want! Anyway, we would be very sorry if we lost you and, if you went away, we always hope it is only a temporary decision! ;)

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