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When you decide to enter our community, Tagyourlife starts receiving different types of information from you. Here you are.

Personal Information

For “personal information” we mean all those information that Tagyourlife asks you to tell us in order to make you sign in to our social network, and any other info you choose to share online.

Registration information

During your registration process to our community, Tagyourlife asks you other information, such as e-mail address, date of birth, name, gender or telephone number also.

Public information

Among these ones there are all those information you decide to make public inside Tagyourlife. Let’s explain it better: if you decide to share a content making it “public” and choosing an interest #, this content will be visible to all users following that same interest, even if they’re not a connection of yours; if, on the contrary, you share a content and you set it on “private”, it will be visible only to your connections for that same interest. People not registered to Tagyourlife cannot see any contents published by our users, but only their interests, gurus, nicknames, profile images or feedbacks received.
A user can also decide not to make public his/her profile on the web search engines, picking it in Tagyourlife privacy settings.
Anyway, among public information we always find:
- Name (real name, nickname and ID user): your nickname is a custom link to your Tagyourlife profile and will be included also in your custom url (structured in this way: So, every user will be able to search for your Tagyourlife profile writing your custom url right in the search bar of the browser he/she uses. But pay attention to links: every user can link your profile using your custom url. Obviously, if anyone clicks on another user profile link, he/she will be able to see only things he/she is authorized to see;

- Gender: useful for people who want to connect to you, but also for all Tagyourlife team;

- Profile image: 
unless you don’t remove it, when you set a new profile image, previous images will remain in your profile memory and stored in an appropriate album of profile pictures.

Gurus and Feedbacks

Let’s see a particular case: Gurus and Feedbacks. Gurus and feedbacks, in fact, are always public and visible to everyone. Gurus are public figures, experts in a particular interest who put their experience and their competences to other users complete disposal, without asking anything in return. So, they will always answer in a fast and competent way to questions made by other users and will become a reference point for everyone for one or more interests. It is the reason why Tagyourlife has chosen to make them and feedbacks always public and visible to everyone.

Information you choose to share with your connections

Among these information there are all those ones you decide to share online with other users, such as images, networks or new connections. According to the information you make public, Tagyourlife could also show you ads or extra suggestions. Anyway, every time you share a content tagging an interest with the Hashtag #, this content will be visible only by the connections you made for that interest. So, any contents you’ve shared will be never visible to all of your connections. However, we invite you to think always a lot about what you are going to share online!  

Other information we receive about our users: why do we want them?

Tagyourlife receives your personal information every time you login to your personal account. The same thing happens with the information about the computer, the mobile phone or other device you connect from: we learn, for example, the IP address or the browser you use, your Internet service or the place you connect from, especially if you have your geolocation GPS turned on. But, why does Tagyourlife ask me what my interests are? Tagyourlife asks you to tell us your interests in order to help our team choosing the right contents and connections to suggest you. It is also useful for us in order to inform you about events or activities in your area according to your interests or to suggest you brands and enterprises ads or advertising messages you maybe would know. Tagyourlife uses all the information you leave us and that you share online also for our inside operations, such as troubleshooting and improving service to all our users, tests or analysis of data. So, we have to thank you if Tagyourlife can grow up and improve every day, thank you for the information you decide to share online and thank you for feedbacks and suggestions you send us. On the other hand, whole Tagyourlife team works not to betray your trust and, as a consequence, not to share with other people information received about you, unless you haven’t given us your explicit authorization or that we haven’t sent you an official communication.  

How can other people find me in Tagyourlife?

Every user can search for you in Tagyourlife if he/she knows some of your information, such as nickname or e-mail address, simply writing them in our search bar. Anyway, Tagyourlife can also suggest your profile to other users using an interest you have in common. Obviously, you will decide (and only you) if you want to confirm the connection request received by another user and so give him the possibility to see the contents you share about that same interest.  

Login by mobile phones and other devices

Tagyourlife has created an official mobile app, available for Android, iOS and Windows. As a consequence, every user having a Smartphone or a Tablet with the operating systems mentioned can login to his/her account by his/her Smartphone or Tablet. When you share a post, an info, an image o every other thing else, remember that every connection of yours can save it in his/her device and store it in its memory.  

Deactivation and account removal

If you want, you can deactivate and remove your account in every moment you desire it. But pay attention, there’s a clear difference between deactivation and removal:

- Account deactivation: if you deactivate your account, you leave it suspended. No user will be able to see your profile or other information of yours anymore, but Tagyourlife can. If you decide to deactivate your account, in other words you are asking Tagyourlife to keep stored your information in order to allow you to reactivate it in the future if you want. 
- Account removal: account removal is, on the contrary, a different thing. If you ask Tagyourlife to remove it, you are clearly telling us to erase definitely all your information and that you’ll never come back. So, reflect a lot about your leaving!


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