Terms and conditions

Tagyourlife permits to all its users to connect everywhere and to share contents according to their own interests, respecting above all the differences among all them.
In this web page, Tagyourlife wants to tell all its users this community basic norms, to inform about accepted behaviors and modes of expression and which ones, on the contrary, can be contested and lead us to remove some contents.
We invite all members of this social platform to read all these norms, in order to use consciously their presence on this social network.
In any case, the use of or the login to Tagyourlife implies the tacit acceptance of these rules, which will be subject to periodical updates. In this case, Tagyourlife will inform immediately all members with an appropriate official communication.
Anyway, Tagyourlife’s whole staff commits to keep this social network always on work, without errors and safe, but users accept to use it at their own risk. We can’t guarantee that Tagyourlife will always work efficiently in a safe way and without any errors, delays, interruptions or imperfections, but we can guarantee to all our users that we will work every day to make it possible.

Subscription and account security

During Tagyourlife registration (allowed only to people who are at least 13 years old), the user commits to:
1. Not to provide false information about his/her identity;
2. Always update correctly and in real time his/her personal information;
3. Not to create any accounts on behalf of other people;
4. Not to disclose his/her login password;
5. Not to create more than one personal account;
6. Not to transfer to third parties his/her account;
7. Not to create any other account without Tagyourlife team’s permission if his/her first account has been deactivated by our security group.

Contents sharing rules

The user is the only owner of all the contents and the information he publishes on this network. In case of contents covered by intellectual property rights, he gives to Tagyourlife an exclusive non-transferable license for these contents use. This license finishes when the user deactivates his/her own account or deletes the content self (it is also possible that the deleted content is stored as a backup copy for a period of time).
However, during contents sharing, Tagyourlife expects its members to be responsible and fully conscious.
We do not allow the publication of contents inciting hatred, violence, every type of discrimination (racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, etc..), nor pornographic or total nudity images or explicit references to sex, especially in case of presence of minors.

Safety, privacy, violence and threats

Our users security and privacy are the first things that Tagyourlife wants to protect, even if we can’t always guarantee that our social network will be fully and completely safe.
It is not allowed to threat other users, nor to organize real violence acts against other people. If this type of contents were detected, we reserve the right to remove them.
It is also forbidden the presence in Tagyourlife of organizations with a history of terrorism or violent criminal activities, or even the promotion and organization of acts of vandalism or resulting in theft and / or economic damage to the detriment of other people.
Similarly, we will do all we can to prevent violations of privacy and we invite consequently all our users not to use other people identity during Tagyourlife signing in process, nor their personal information without their explicit consent, nor passwords or accounts of other people.
Furthermore, acts of bullying, harassment or offensive behavior are not allowed, even if we guarantee to all our users the full freedom of expression of their opinions and ideas.
In any case, we invite all our users to contribute to the keeping of Tagyourlife safety, respecting these rules and avoiding upload viruses or dangerous codes to the platform or to start actions that would prevent, overload or compromise the correct functioning of Tagyourlife.
It is also forbidden to publish on Tagyourlife identity cards or personal financial information.
Don’t promote or encourage any violations of this document.

Account deactivation

If a user breaks the norms written in this page, Tagyourlife reserves the right to disable his/her account and to stop providing him/her its services. This member will be notified of the deactivation of his/her account by mail or at his/her next attempt to login.
Anyway, the user can deactivate his/her account whenever he/she wants.

Offensive contents reports, complaints and suggestions to Tagyourlife

If you think you’ve found something breaking this Terms of Use, we encourage you to notify it immediately to our team, but pay attention: it doesn’t mean we will necessarily remove that content.
Tagyourlife is, in fact, a community that accepts and protects the differences among all its members. If you think something is offensive, it will not be consequently considered offensive too according to our criteria.
In case Tagyourlife removes contents you’ve published and you think it could be considered as a mistake, you can appeal to our team.
However, advices and suggestions by our users are always welcome. In this case, the user is informed that these hints and tips could be used without any obligation for Tagyourlife to compensate him/her.

Changes and updates

In case of changes of this document by our team for legal or administrative reasons or for lack of accuracy, Tagyourlife commits to inform its users by an official communication and to do it in a period of 7 days of notice. Users can also comment changes made.
The use of Tagyourlife without any interruptions after the changes mentioned sanctions the full acceptance of them with tacit consent.

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